4 Tips for Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is one of the most rewarding actions that you can ever take. Before you grab the reins, however, there are a few things that you should know about basic horse maintenance. Here are four tips for being a careful and considerate equestrian!

1. Mind Their Diet

Hay should be the staple of your horse’s diet, but depending on their particular breed and lifestyle, they might require other nutrients to keep them going. You can also look into things like horse supplements to help them with hoof and mane health. You might even create a snack shelf filled with apples, sugar cubes and other treats for a well-behaved horse.

2. Stabilize Their Environment

Stables should be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll also want their grazing and running fields to be well-maintained; it only takes a small puddle for your horse to sprain their ankle and be out of commission for weeks. Ventilation is another concern if your horse spends a lot of time in barns or transport vehicles. They’ll need to breathe!

3. Buy the Right Equipment

It’ll be hard for your horse to flourish if they’ve been burdened with sub-par tools and supplies. Make sure that you’re buying the best possible equipment for your stables. Whether you’re looking for hay barrels or horse jump standards, consider them an investment for a bright future and splurge on the best.

4. Get Them Insured

It’s a common misconception that only race horses or show horses need to be insured. All horses can get sick and require veterinary treatment, and unless you’re all right with paying these bills out of pocket, you’ll need health insurance to handle it. Call around and find a good policy that will cover your horse in the event of an illness or injury.

These are just a few tips for equine ownership. Your horse deserves all of the love and attention in the world, so don’t cut corners when it comes to their care. Invest the time and money into raising them to their fullest potential.

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