4 Ways to Conceal Your Carry

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer or just a woman walking dark streets at night, a concealed carry can help you protect yourself from the general dangers of the world. But what are your options when it comes to hiding your firearm? Here are just a few ways to keep your gun on your person without flaunting it to the public.

1. Holsters

There are a variety of concealed carry holsters for different kinds of guns, uniforms and body types. The “big three” are waist, shoulder and ankle holsters, but there are also specialty holsters for everything from hips to thighs. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how you’d like to holster your weapon, so don’t be afraid to compare and contrast different products until you find one that suits you.

4 Ways to Conceal Your Carry

2. Shirt

A concealment shirt is an ingenious way to carry multiple guns at the same time. Perfect for military and law enforcement, it offers several pockets for guns, clips, scopes and other accessories, and it all fits snugly to your chest and under your regular top or uniform shirt. No one will know that you’re packing, and that will be your greatest weapon of all.

3. Purse

Ladies, this one is for you. If you worry about your safety in dark parking lots and aren’t comforted by a tiny bottle of pepper spray, think about hiding your weapon with a concealed carry purse. It looks and functions just like a regular handbag, so you can use it like you’d use any purse, but it also comes with a safe place for your gun in emergency situations.

4. Belt

Also known as “waistline” holders, concealed carry belts allow you to hide everything from guns to knives. They usually have loops and clips for things like holsters and sheaths, so they can be utilized in different ways depending on your particular need. They can also be fixed both inside and outside your waistband for maximum speed and ease of withdrawal. If you’re looking for concealed carry equipment that gives you a lot of options, consider a belt.

There are many reasons why you might want to conceal your carry, including personal safety, job requirements, peace of mind and the defense of others. Use these four accessories to protect yourself and keep your weapon close without having to justify your choices to anyone.

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