5 hot trends for garage doors in 2017

Just because the garage is where the cars live does not mean it does not deserve some care and attention when it comes to decorating it. Ideally, your garage doors are an extension of your home and should be an extension of its décor. A well decorated garage says a lot about the home and its overall condition, so it is worth paying some attention to the impression your garage doors make.

5 hot trends for garage doors in 2017

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Adding windows

Garage doors that feature glass windows add an interesting architectural touch to the exterior of your property. Aligned windows that are offset will give a modern appearance. New home designs seem to be embracing larger garage doors and are making them more of a feature. Opt for a design that can look impressive just on its own. Garages that house more than one car are also popular again. With several areas to store vehicles, the savvy home owner will choose uniform doors that are streamlined in design to maintain architectural integrity.

Getting more imaginative

Wood has generally been one of the traditional choices for garage door material, but why not think outside of the box? Faux wood could do the job, look just as stylish and cost less. It can also improve the insulation of the garage, and there are many choices on the market.

Property owners are becoming more creative when it comes to garage doors. Once they were generally white and uninspiring, but now garage doors can take on a range of exciting colours and add some flair to a home’s appearance. According to a report from The Telegraph, garage doors can even be styled according to the season.

It’s important to keep your doors looking good. Like other parts of the home, sometimes garage doors get run down and require maintenance. In London garage door repairs can be carried out by a range of professionals.

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Ignore your garage doors at your peril. Today’s smart home owner knows making the most of their property means making the most of garage space, too. There are lots of options, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make the most of this part of your home.

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