5 ways to heat a summerhouse in winter

Despite its name, a summerhouse should not be abandoned when winter hits. With some clever heating solutions, it is possible to keep your garden room, whether it be used as an office or a place to relax, comfortable all year round.

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Electric heaters

Convection heaters are often used in garden rooms, because they heat the air quickly and can be free standing, if wallspace is limited. Many have thermostats and timers that can be set, so that your summerhouse is warmed up before you go into it, and they are relatively cheap and easy to buy and install.

Electric radiators are similarly easily installed if there is an electricity supply already running to your summerhouse. Modern and traditional styles are available and can be the safer option if you are using your summerhouse for dusty craft pursuits or DIY. They are slower to heat up than convection heaters, but can be linked to thermostats and timers to pre-warm your summerhouse.

Oil filled radiators tend to be free standing, which can be flexible but will also take up floor space. Electric powered, the oil retains the heat for longer after they are switched off. They are low cost and available from many retailers.

According to Alan Titchmarsh in The Express, once you have equipped your summerhouse with comfortable tables and chairs and good heating and lighting, the world is your oyster.

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No electricity supply?

Bottled gas can be easily transported to buildings that have no main electricity connection. Installed outside a building and fed into a fixed gas heater inside your summerhouse, these do need good ventilation to prevent build up of toxic fumes or water vapour.

World of Smile supplies Worcester summerhouses that can be used for a variety of purposes, whether you’re looking for a focal point in your garden, a small workshop or an outdoor office area (https://worldofsmile.com/conservatories/) and they will help you select the best building, and appropriate heating solution, for your needs.

For a more stylish heating solution with no electricity supply, a wood burner can look fantastic in your summerhouse. They heat up quickly, retain heat and can be fueled from sustainable local sources. They can seem expensive after installation of the flue and the stove unit are factored in, but they will last a long time if serviced regularly.

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