5 ways to look after your shoes to make them last

Taking pleasure in shoe shopping is no longer a guilty pleasure reserved ‘solely’ for women it seems.

5 ways to look after your shoes to make them last

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A report in The Guardian suggests that men are now spending more than women when it comes to footwear. Finding the perfect shoes can be an exciting purchase for either sex but when you get them home, how you care for them will impact on the longevity and lifespan of your foot candy. So how can you prepare and protect your new shoes?

Polish leather immediately

Don’t wait until your new leather shoes get dirty before you decide to polish them. Give them a rub down as soon as you take them out of the box. Polish offers a conditioning and protective layer to your shoes and so you should try to polish them often, particularly if you are venturing out into bad weather.

Brush and protect suede

Suede is a substance that can easily be damaged by dirt, moisture or other stains. It’s important to invest in a good quality protective spray for suede which will repel moisture – although it is worth noting that some sprays may alter the colour of the suede so it’s best to test on a small area first. An eraser and brush are also good tools for targetting stains and buffing the suede back up to its original state.

Dry shoes safely

When you’ve been caught in a heavy downpour it can be tempting to stick shoes next to a source of heat like a radiator or fire in order to dry them out. This can lead to irreparable damage especially on leather shoes which can crack due to the sudden change in conditions. Instead, stuff wet shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture and leave them in a well ventilated space.

5 ways to look after your shoes to make them last2

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Watch what you clean with

Experts from a Gloucester shoe shop (www.cottersshoes.co.uk) warn against using sponges to clean your shoes as it’s hard to tell what other chemicals or dirt might be lurking in them. Take note of the cleaning utensils you use to clean your shoes if you want to keep them in tip top condition.

Add rubber

A rubber sole can be easily applied by a cobbler and will give your new shoes added protection, increasing their lifespan. It is inexpensive and a great protective material.

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