7 great tips for creating kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is an essential element of any prospective house sale. Many buyers subconsciously make a decision about a property even before they enter it, so maximise your chances by getting these essentials right.

7 great tips for creating kerb appeal

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Use Colour Wisely

A bright colour splash looks great outside a front door. If you have a painted door, upgrade it with a re-sand and a fresh coat of something bright and welcoming.

Add Life

Hanging baskets and containers around a doorway help to make it feel welcoming and bright. You don’t need many and you don’t need anything fancy – just choose some simple seasonal favorites, buy plug plants or ready-made containers to get you going and water regularly. For added points, add tumbling hanging baskets around the doors and window boxes packed with bright blooms.

Wash the Windows

Smeary, grimy windows will make a house look unloved. Any experienced estate agents in Bath with local knowledge of the area  such as http://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk/ will tell you that  a clean finish is essential to wow potential buyers.

7 great tips for creating kerb appeal2

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Repaint Exterior Work

If you have chipped mortice paint, flaking gutter paint or peeling windowsills, invest in a good exterior paint job to spruce up your house and make it look like new. Also fix any broken guttering and collapsing aerials. Remove any unused sky TV boxes and fix any cracked windows.


Whether you have a garden or driveway outside your house, make sure it is free from rubbish, weeds and other untidiness that will make it look unloved and poorly cared for. Even a couple of hours spent tidying and cleaning will have a valuable effect.


If your front door doesn’t have a welcoming light and visible number plate, add these now. These small touches help to make a house feel finished and well tended for. Other nice little touches include solar lights, garden features and other signs that a home has been loved and looked after. Hide bins and other signs of waste as much as possible. Tidy away gardening materials so that the space is clear.

Window Displays

Look at the front of your house carefully with an objective eye. Is there clutter in the windows? Are there transfers on the windows? Do the curtains look dirty? Make sure your interior is presented to best effect from the moment that someone arrives at your property to view it.

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