7 tips for decorating like the french

The French are known for their style and sophistication. From their chic berets to their stunning architecture, you can find beauty in France wherever you look. This is why many people want to add some French style to their home, but it can be difficult to get the look right. Here are seven tips that will help you to add some Parisian style to your home.

7 tips for decorating like the french

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Buy an armoire

Some classic French furniture will add style to your home; however, it is important not to go overboard. An armoire is a beautiful French wardrobe that will add a touch of class and style to any room. You can even use one in the bathroom to store towels.

Embrace the architecture

Homes in France often focus on beautiful architecture. You can do the same thing in your home by embracing any unique features, such as carved wood detailing on the ceiling or beautiful flooring.

Choose the right colours for the walls

The French tend to prefer sophisticated colour schemes for their walls, such as mint, light grey, white, sand or pastel shades. If you love bright colours, use colourful blankets, cushions and rugs to add a pop of colour to the room whilst keeping the walls muted and pale.

Have a little disarray

French homes are rarely over-styled, with a little disarray making your home appear cosy and lived in. Simply invest in some beautiful magazines to cover a table or buy an old, cracked painting to add personality to a room.

Buy a freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are very Parisian and will add a touch of French luxury to any bathroom.

Have a luxurious focus point

A luxurious focus point will make your home seem more lavish and attractive. Popular options include silk curtains, luxury dressers and vintage mirrors. Choose wisely to suit the room. A mirror will make a room look bigger and brighter, whereas a luxury dresser will make a room seem more vintage. You can buy beautiful vintage-styled dressing tables from online retailers such as https://myhomerocksltd.co.uk/.

Invest in a chandelier

A chandelier is a great way to add some French sparkle to a room. Make sure you choose one that is the right size for the room; for example, a big chandelier in a small room will make the room seem smaller.

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