A Bespoke furniture service for you

An Iconic British furniture company joined forces with well-known designer Matthew Elton to offer its customers a new opportunity.

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Whilst there is nothing wrong with off the shelf per se, Heal’s and Elton have a vision of people with homes that tell their own story rather than every living room in the land looking the same, with identical mass-produced furniture and accessories telling no story at all.

Design your own furniture

The idea to fill the gap in the market is to offer Heal’s customers the chance to work with Elton to design their own bespoke piece at a fraction of the cost of commissioning a furniture maker to design one for them. Customers will be able to create items that really mean something to them and suit their style and taste perfectly.

People will be involved in their own project from the outset, from sourcing the materials right through to adding the finishing touches.

Brief well

Working with Elton, Heal’s customers will get the full experience, from creating a brief and budget to seeing the final product revealed.

The initiative will cover small individual pieces for the home, such as a table, through to a complete redesign and fit-out of a shop or retail space. This would be an ideal time to get all your things together move into a brand new home, contact a Removal Companies Southend way at sites such as https://www.peglerremovals.co.uk/ to help with it all and get your new piece of furniture.

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Good idea

Heal’s is looking to offer its customers choice and value for money. It is not the first company to offer a customisable product, of course. French company TOG has seen some success since its programme launched three years ago, while Hem took its Design Your Own service to market in 2020, aimed very firmly at countering the demand for flat-pack. It has since discontinued the service; however, there is still a demand for something similar.

Flat-pack furniture offers some advantages, such as price, and is very popular in the UK; however, it is easy to see why Heal’s and other retailers are trying to guide consumers towards a bespoke service.

Having the option of designing your own piece or buying mass-production gives consumers choice, which can only be a good thing.

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