Ambient scenting enhances the consumer experience

Scent is one of the five senses and you may not be too surprised to hear that it affects humans in a profound way; in fact, scent may be even more powerful than you realise, as we now know that it can be used to improve the consumer experience.

Ambient scenting enhances the consumer experience

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This may seem strange, but fragrance is now a big part of how businesses market themselves. Lots of companies today care about how their business smells, with the scent going beyond their showrooms and bathrooms. Many companies now fragrance every part of their business, from their offices to their stores to their warehouses.

This trend has taken over a variety of different business, including hotel chains, supermarkets, offices and retailers.

The benefits of fragrance

Fragrance is a cheap and easy way to affect your customers and employees in a positive way. According to Psychology Today, fragrances can create either positive or negative states of mind in less than one second.

If the right fragrance is used, it can help customers and employees to feel more positive and happy. This will make the customer more likely to stay in the store and make a purchase; similarly, it will make the employee feel more productive and accomplish more work. This is ideal for any business that wants to boost workflow and profit.

Ambient scenting enhances the consumer experience2

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Getting the scent right

One of the most important things about using scent to enhance the consumer experience is getting the scent right. A scent that is too strong will be cloying and off-putting and may instead encourage the customer to leave your store quickly.

For this reason, it is best to go for a light, refreshing scent that is not overpowering or too sweet. If you want to learn more about scent marketing for your business, consult an expert such as

Many companies are now creating signature brand scents to use in their buildings. They want to create more than just a good smell; in addition, they want to create a familiar smell that customers associate with them. This helps to promote brand awareness for in-store customers.

If you run a business within a shopping centre or a public space, it may be worth considering embracing the benefits of fragrance, as it is a cost-effective way to influence customers.

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