An introduction to davits and davit cranes

Davits have a wide range of applications in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and more. Offering multiple benefits, these hand- or machine-operated structures make short work of lowering objects over a long drop-off.

What is a davit?

A davit is a steel structure consisting of an angled beam pivoting over a vertical axis. They can provide a permanent or portable solution, with a boom that is either fixed or adjustable depending on your needs.

The right davit and winch combination will handle the demands of your installation with ease, making the job easier, faster and safer.

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Davit applications

A davit crane can be used in any number of applications, depending on the installation:

– Floor-anchored for use in multiple situations
– Construction site applications for small lifts where a davit is a cost-effective alternative to a tower crane
– Truck-mounted for extra portability and versatility
– Tugboat and yacht davits used in marine applications
– Wastewater treatment davits perform a number of tasks in filtration and recycling

Types of davit cranes

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The most common types of davit crane are:

Stationary davit cranes

Stationary davits have the stability to offer greater reach and load capacity over longer distances. These davits are installed on a solid foundation and can be used for a range of applications, including wastewater and bulk handling, and can handle weights of up to 2,200 pounds.

Portable davits

Portable davits are durable and hardwearing, capable of lifting weights up to 1 ton. Portable units are quick and easy to set up and install and can be transported where necessary.

Portable floor cranes

These durable and portable units can lift up to half a ton and provide some extra muscle for construction and manufacturing jobs. Smooth and efficient in operation, a portable crane breaks down easily for transportation and storage.

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The benefits of using a davit

Whatever the application, a davit can make short work of any problem. Simple to install, these trouble-free structures allow you to lift, rotate and place heavy loads. They also provide a permanent solution for a range of maintenance jobs when roof-mounted and are an economical way to lift tools and equipment. No matter what use you’re seeking, there’s a bespoke davit that will meet your needs.

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