Are pigeons a pesky problem?

Getting rid of a pigeon problem is not easy. These birds can be a real pest, with an innate homing instinct that makes them feel attached to their established perches and nesting sites. In addition, two mating pigeons can hatch as many as four broods each year. Therefore, a small pigeon issue can quickly become a big one! Pigeons will lay eggs on bare surfaces if necessary, making pigeons move on is not as simple as eliminating their nests.

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Problems caused by pigeon perches and nesting

Pigeons are the most common type of bird pests and they cause a variety of problems in all types of buildings, from airports and power stations to shop rooftops and office buildings. Bird droppings have uric acid in them which is very corrosive and as such, pigeons can cause a lot of damage in a short time. Wild pigeons are the cause of millions of pounds worth of damage each year in built up areas. Here are some common problems caused by pigeon perches:

Both pigeons and their waste can have a negative impact on a business’ image or commercial premises, particularly if droppings are a big part of the problem. Feathers and droppings building up debris from a flock of perched pigeons can cause damage by blocking up ditches and drains.

Nesting pigeons often cause significant damage to air conditioning units and other roof mechanisms and machines. For Essex Pest Control, visit a site like

Droppings on walkways or car parks can also become a slip hazard and a business could find they have liability for any accidents on the property. Fungal and bacterial agents, as well as ectoparasites are all found in bird droppings which can pose a significant health risk to those in contact with it.

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Available pigeon control solutions

It is often the case that prevention of pigeons is easier to achieve than elimination. To prevent a problem from arising, the use of proactive prevention products to make the birds roost somewhere are highly recommended so that those homing instincts do not bring them back to your property!

If there is already a large group of nesting pigeons on your property, the first thing to do is to get rid of all food sources and water from the area. However, you will need to carry out extra measures to get on top of an established pigeon problem. There are a number of solutions to prevent and repel pigeons, such as pigeon spikes, exclusion netting and birth control, for example.  of the net for birth control and so on. With the right pigeon control, you can solve the problem for good.

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