Are you a demanding blogger? Do not miss these extensions

Check the spelling check that all photos have been uploaded properly, review the structure of the text and smiles, satisfied with the result. Verified description, boxes filled SEO, keyword chosen … it seems that everything is correct. And click Publish, eager to know the reaction of his followers.

In recent years, the figure of the blogger has gained undeniable role that has become the best, authentic opinion leaders and influencers. A paradigm shift has been accompanied some commercial collaboration with several companies, turning their hobby into their way of life. If you are or want to become one of them, there are some essential extensions.

Are you a demanding blogger Do not miss these extensionsCheck My Link

As its name suggests Check My Link will help you detect when you cast a broken link in the text, a fact that, although it is not complicated to happen, is able to affect the positioning of your article on Google. What it does, basically this extension as well, is to highlight these links broken in different colors and tell you what type of error has occurred.

Blog This!

Designed for Blogger, extension ! Blog This will add an icon to the right of your address bar; a button that will let you publish in your space of said platform just click on it. Although it is somewhat limited, your goal is to streamline its use and make timely corrections, add links, edit the text, and improve access and others.

Buffer App

Although most especially if you use WordPress CMS and some of its multiple networks pluggins to integrate social- similar resources, BufferApp is an extension that will give you the option to share your publications more personalized way, schedule changes at different platforms and launch the posts in the various communities when you interested.

It also allows, when you click on the Buffer button on any site, add tweets and Facebook updates in your publication queue; and carry out monitoring of results through the development of an analysis of retweets, mentions, I like, the times they shared, and so on that you should already assume. Specifically it integrates with Google Reader, the network of Zuckerberg, Twitter, Reddit,, IFTT, LinkedIn and Hacker News.


With Bitly you can say goodbye to long and cumbersome links that can be created as a result of a too long title. Urls that will limit you when tweeting content. But not only that, but the service is able to generate statistics from the times he clicked the links.

Apart from the extension and if you do not want to install it, the tool is also available online and has its own website, whose functions are very similar. The same company holds a similar resource called Bitly.TV used to know which videos is the most popular network.

Window Resizer

In a context in which the content consumption has moved to mobile and in which adolescents and other groups are increasingly gullible to what they read online, you must adapt the design of your blog to this class of devices. And it is precisely when comes into play Window Resizer, perfect for previewing in the same browser what your site will look like on different screens and resolutions.

Split Screen

Unlike the previous ones, Split Screen focuses on the writing process and documentation of the article. A moment that will be very useful to navigate at the same time in different web pages. Fortunately, this tool will offer this possibility Chrome without problems; how? From leaving the browser window into two smaller. A feature that makes it stand as one of our favorites.


Tired of having to visit Wordreference whenever you need a synonym? You’re in luck, because Thesauraptor has nothing to do with dinosaurs but is a utility for your browser that offers the ability to search the word you need without opening new tabs, and also to change for one another nimbly. In short, the ideal way to avoid redundancy option in your articles.

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