Are you being controlled when you shop?

You may well think that when you enter a shop and supermarket the only thing going on is the purchase of food, drink and cleaning items. However, the supermarket and shop are not merely aisles and aisles of Boltless Shelving,  like that available from, with things to buy on them. There is so much more going on.

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The moment you enter into the supermarket you are at the whim of the marketers and there is a specific psychology that is employed. First of all, have you noticed the wire and plastic baskets? They start being thin at the base and fan out. This is because you start thinking you need a few things but the wide top allows you to think that you can buy more.

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Next we have the shop’s layout. Pretty much all of them start with Produce. This is supposed to put you in a mind that everything is fresh here. Secondly the bakery will be nearby pumping out the smell of fresh bread. The end of the aisles are used to promote products. These are set up for impulse buys, things that you didn’t come in for but take a fancy to.

Finally the shelves themselves are meticulously planned. “Eye line is buyline”, so you usually find the most expensive items here with the cheaper alternatives above and below. Never shop when you are hungry either!

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