B&B owners learn these things about the Brits

Being the owner of a bed and breakfast can be a real eye opener. In fact, the job can turn you into a real expert in reading people and dealing with certain situations that you would not find in any other occupation! Here are some facts that B&B owners have discovered about their British guests.

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Meet and Greet

When an owner first introduces themselves to their new guests, this is known as a meet and greet, and it can set the tone for their entire stay. If a guest decides they do not like you within the first meeting, it can mean you will find it tough to get them on your side and win their approval. Owners will often offer up a means of charming their guests, such as a cuppa with a side of cake (always popular among Brits) or a welcome glass of wine in the evening. It’s a nice touch for any B&B Cheltenham!

Technology Rules

The aspect most often cited in bad reviews is Wi-Fi. If it’s not fast, it’s not good enough!

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Guests Are Astonishingly Shy

B&B owners enjoy the social aspect of their business, so they will find it easy enough to chat away. Yet guests will often not return this warmth, instead coming across as timid and unable to keep the conversation flowing – sometimes barely making eye contact, let alone shaking hands or smiling! B&B Cheltenham owners welcome any and all guests, so don’t be shy about having a chat over a cup of tea!

People Are Messy

When it’s not their own room, people are downright messy! Guests can ruin furniture or mark surfaces with spray perfume or water rings and leave wet towels lying all over the place. Sheets are wrecked and towels are stained regularly. Most likely, this behaviour would not be tolerated at home! Not every guest does this, of course, and there are extreme cases like this one highlighted in the Guardian.

Late Check-Ins

Most guests will not think to phone ahead and let the B&B owner know that they will be late, even when they arrive after 8pm! Unfortunately, online bookings are incredibly impersonal, with zero human interaction. Mobile phones are often left unanswered if the owner tries to contact their guests for an update on their whereabouts.

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