Behind the Photographer’s Lens

So you are getting married? Congratulations! Planning your wedding takes time and careful consideration of many aspects – not least the wedding photographs. Wedding photography has changed dramatically in recent years and a look at the website of a Hampshire wedding photographer will soon reveal that wedding photography is now truly an art form.

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Deciding on a Style

It is fun to take an evening stroll in your local town and look in the windows of the wedding photographers’ shops. You will soon discover that there are two very distinct styles of approach – traditional versus modern or conventional versus innovative, and whilst neither is ‘wrong’, you will find yourselves drawn to one or the other. This website will certainly give you plenty of ideas to think about.

There is a wealth of styles available, and you will soon learn which appeal and what particular shots you would like for your ‘big day’. It is well worth writing a list that you can discuss with your chosen photographer. Some photographers use sepia rather than colour for certain portraits, whilst others use the grounds of the church, gardens or the bride’s wedding flowers to create some beautiful photographs. Props such as chairs, Champagne glasses and helium balloons can also be used to add a fun element to more difficult shots, such as the Guard of Honour and family groups.

Choosing Your Photographer

Looking at the website of the Newforeststudio Hampshire wedding photographer is a good idea, as it will show someone who gets totally involved in the wedding and seizes every opportunity to capture certain moments between the couple and their guests so that each set of wedding photographs is totally unique – as unique as the couple themselves. The first question to ask your photographer is whether he or she is happy to cover your wedding, and don’t be shy of approaching companies that are not in your immediate vicinity, as many photographers are happy to travel for their work. For guidance about other questions to discuss, read through a couple of websites such as

It is important that you get on well with your chosen photographer, because your wedding will be a happy and emotional day. And yes, photographers usually stuff their pockets with tissues- just in case!

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