Beyonce’s makeup artist identifies five trends for 2019

The catwalk defines a whole new set of trends each year, both in fashion and makeup. Some might seem a bit far out for every day; however, many of them filter their way down in more wearable forms. Let’s take a look at which five trends will be hot in 2019 according to Beyonce’s makeup artist.

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Coordinate colour

Choose a single colour that suits your skin tone and personality and use it in varying shades across your makeup range; for example, if pink is your thing, feel free to choose a coordinating blusher and lipstick. According to the Evening Standard, pink will be one of the most popular colours of 2019, whether on your nails, lips, cheeks or eyes.

Flawless foundation

Getting the base right is key to perfecting any makeup look. You don’t need to stick to a single product. If you have combination skin, for example, there is nothing wrong with using two different types of foundation on different areas. Consider using a primer as a base, which will help your foundation to stay put all day long, and a highlighter to contour and shape your face. Benefit makeup has several primer and pore minimising products that will help you to create a flawless finish.

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Big brows

Forget highly-plucked, neat eyebrows, as 2019 will see the return of big brows. Choose products that will enable you to make a statement with your brows. Try using a glue to keep any stray hairs in place and form and define your basic shape but enable you to apply colour over the top. Brands such as Benefit makeup have a great range of products to help you boost your brows. From mascaras and pencils to brow powders and gels, choose the products you find easiest to use.

Be bold with colour

Being bold and choosing colours that really pop goes for both eyes and lips. Step outside your comfort zone and try an alternative to your usual brown or black, such as blues and greens to add impact. The same goes for your lip colour; for example, you could try vibrant shades of red, orange and pink.

Have fun with colour and be bold in 2019. There is a great range of makeup on the market to enable you to stay on trend and within your budget.

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