Building a road is more complicated than you think

When it comes to building a road, people tend to think that it is a quick and easy process and wonder why it is taking so long. Well building a road is much more complicated then you first think and is not just a case of digging a space and pouring in concrete or tarmac. It takes many different individuals and businesses to bring the project together form the planning teams through to the final construction of the road surface. This is where Tarmac Contractors Yorkshire come in.

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Here is the process that is followed when creating any road network.

The first stage in any building process is applying for planning, in terms of roads this will include engineers and experts in construction first deciding what type of road is most appropriate, what it should be made of and then drawing out detailed plans before submitting them for approval. This process alone can take many months as other stakeholders invest may want the designs to be altered or even the road to be moved a few inches to one side. When further elements are included such as bridges and roundabouts it can take years to get the plans through planning permission in order for the groundwork to begin.

Once planning has been approved the detailed plans can be drawn up for the construction companies to begin work. But before this, public meetings are often held in order to give the local residents a chance to have their say on the proposals. Any objections will be noted down and discussed before the final planning is approved. Following on from this the formal tender process will take place to decide which construction company will be responsible for the building of the road. Again, this is a process that can take a few months until one company is finally selected.

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Now the construction work can take place, this will initially involve earthworks to create a solid foundation for the road and to remove any earth and other items from the area. At this point if any endangered species of flora or fauna are found the works will be stopped whilst they are relocated. Once the foundation is completed the road material can be placed down, this will vary depending on the type of road and budget available and could be anything from tarmac to asphalt. Once the road surface has been laid down the line painting can begin before the road is formal opened.

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