Can you use social media web design to drive your business revenue?

Love it or loathe it, social media is a fact of modern life, so it pays to factor it in when you’re creating or updating your business website.

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According to figures from Statista, around 40 million people in the UK use social media platforms, which represents around 60 per cent of the population. With this figure set to rise, it makes good business sense to make use of the technology as part of your ongoing marketing campaign.

How can social media help my business?

In this digital era, everyone has become a critic and a messenger, passing on “likes”, comments and shares to friends on social media accounts. Word-of-mouth recommendations have given way to shared online content, with people keen to be the first to spot a hot new trend or to pass on their recommendations for the best places to eat, clothes to buy, and even books to read.

Whatever your business model, it’s almost certain that social media can help to spread the word about your goods and services. Best of all, it’s your customers who are doing the bulk of the work for you by spreading your core message far and wide.

But I know nothing about social media!

Not everyone is a fan, and even if you do make use of some platforms, it’s unlikely that you’re up to speed with all of them.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of web developers who understand the technology inside out and who have the necessary skills and knowledge to get people talking about your website, your latest blog post or your newest products. Whether you’re based in London, Liverpool or Manchester web design experts can offer you a helping hand, attracting high-value customers with the will to make a purchase.

Whether you choose to employ a company, who you can provide pay monthly websites or tackle it yourself, a well-planned social media campaign can make a significant difference to your visitor numbers, not to mention your overall sales figures.

You could post How-To videos on YouTube or repurpose a fantastic blog post on Facebook or Twitter. Try adding social media icons to your products or posts, which allows customers to easily share details of their latest purchase with their friends and family. It all helps people to engage more fully with your brand.

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