Common Concrete Mistakes

You might imagine that laying concrete would be easy, but it is not actually as straightforward as it looks. Considerable preparation is required before a single drop of concrete can be poured. The entire process actually involves designing the mix, choosing the amount, prepping the site, gathering the right tools, checking the weather, laying and then curing. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when pouring concrete:

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  1. Misjudging the amount needed

One big mistake is to underestimate how thick the concrete needs to be for a project. It does not matter if the concrete is for decoration or display only or will be non-load bearing. For everything else, the dimensions are important, such as for floors, driveways, foundations and supports. For more information on Ready Mix Concrete Derby, visit a site like Best Mix, a leading supplier of Ready Mix Concrete Derby

  1. Not having the right tools

Once the concrete is poured, there is a small window of opportunity where work can be completed before drying. Not having the correct tools to hand can ruin a project, which leads to poor quality laying, wasted money and effort. No time to rush to the DIY store or test new tools you are not familiar with, so preparation is key.

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  1. Lack of preparation

Rushing to pour concrete before the site is fully ready is another common mistake. Your site needs to be level, compacted and dried. The place may require the elimination of the top soil and roots before putting a thick layer of gravel on top to help compact the soil.

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