Common questions about demolition

When you need to tear down a building, where do you start?

The first important point is to understand the requirements of the legislation known as CDM 2015. This is an acronym for Construction Management Design.

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What is Construction Management Design?

Construction Design Management is a set of rules to help manage and monitor the health and safety of the entire pre-construction and construction phase of projects.

Each demolition contractor hired should be able to fully explain the requirements of the CDM to their client. Ideally, the company will have a professional specialist who is certified by the Association for Project Safety (APS) which enables them to act as duty holder for the whole project. Find out more about Demolition Bath at a site like

What else is the customer responsible for?

If the property was built before 2000, prior to the demolition taking place, you will need to hire a company to carry out an R & D (Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition) Survey. If the structure was built after 2000, evidence should be presented to prove that there was no asbestos used in the structure during construction or the maintenance of the structure.

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What is the R & D Survey?

An R & D Survey is a report done on the property to identify asbestos present in buildings / structures. This is to ensure that no people will be affected by the removal of material containing asbestos and future contractors can be made aware of its presence. This survey will explain all the sources and types of asbestos before starting work and is part of your asbestos management process.

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