Content and brand innovation: inspiration from the World’s leading players

Some of the world’s leading brands are driving change within the content marketing industry. They are the ones to keep an eye on for inspiration, expertise, power and innovation, and with a little imagination, some of their ideas can be adapted and successfully put into practice for smaller content marketing campaigns.

Content and brand innovation

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IBM: Technical and Authoritative Expertise

Having been in operation for over 130 years, IBM is a respected voice. The company works within a large range of industries and as a result publishes a diverse array of content, including blogs, white papers, consultant reports, analyst data, technical breakdowns, FAQs and much, much more. All of IBM’s content is created to an exceptional standard and is well written and informative. To compete, content should be trustworthy, expert and relevant.

Hootsuite: Popular Appeal

To make a popular product yet more desirable, capitalise on the success of an even more popular product. Hootsuite demonstrated this technique perfectly with its viral video ‘A Game of Social Thrones’. Hootsuite do whatever they can to make content interesting and entertaining, even when dealing with important topics. To replicate Hootsuite’s marketing strategy, add in some light-hearted, fun content to balance out the more serious articles.

Microsoft: Storytelling

Microsoft understands that people love and respond to stories. They very cleverly promote their software simply by connecting people with people, by telling heart-warming stories about lots of different things, from dogs to people going out of their way to help each other. These campaigns appeal to a very large percentage of the population. To put it simply, be humble, relevant and find the human interest angle, and you will have some very powerful and compelling content. A brand innovation agency, such as can help.

Disney: Magic

The Disney brand is about so much more than movies and holidays. The Disney brand is magic, and it draws in even the most Scrooge-like individuals. Disney is like a drug – one taste of it and you are hooked, craving the Disney lifestyle! The Disney marketing strategy all revolves around this one single concept and that makes it highly transferable. Base your marketing campaign around this method, saturate the market with high quality content based around a single theme or speciality, and you too will feel the magic.

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