Could robotic parcel delivery become a reality?

The world of home delivery has changed tremendously over the past few years. Consumers are becoming more impatient and expect their deliveries faster than ever.

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This modern initiative will see self-governing delivery services launching in university environments. A same day courier service in Manchester that uses robots, for example, will work through app-based technologies supporting them in their delivery options. This app will offer a higher level of flexibility and assistance to students who live a transient lifestyle.

Each robot is housed within their own unique pods around a campus. These pods will keep the robots safe whilst charging. The design of each pod can be bespoke and made to blend in with the campus atmosphere and ambiance. The pods can be made in several different sizes, so they can fulfill the many varying tasks with ease.

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The benefits of robot delivery services include:

Increased efficiency
Allows people to make the most of their environments
They encourage a more proficient work-life balance

An example of how a robot delivery service can support your work efficiency is that once you have made your order through the app, you will then have your food/drink with you within approximately 17 minutes. This means instead of delaying your work and queuing in your favourite coffee shop, you can continue your productivity and have it delivered straight to you.

Although food and drink delivery will be the main robot service, it can deliver so much more, including stationary and emergency parts from

A disadvantage to a robot delivery service could be the amount of time people are stuck at their desks. Without the excuse of food or drink to get people up and active, the robots could have a negative impact on people’s physical and mental health. Although the robots have had a positive impact overall, it is important that people are encouraged to get up and move around. A campus implementing these delivery robots should ensure that they have ample outdoor space to give participants the option of physical exercise.

A robotic delivery system is certainly the next step forward in convenience, however, with machinery, there is always room for error. The robots are essentially managed by humans who can take authority over them at any time and, therefore, the robots will not take over full control of a delivery service.

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