Creating a rustic cottage feel in your kitchen

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen it can be difficult to decide on a particular theme or concept, which is where Kitchens Doncaster firm can help. One of the popular choices for kitchen designs at the moment is the rustic cottage feel. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved which includes both the structural items such as your work surfaces and cabinets as well as the decoration items that you can add. It is important when looking to have a kitchen design company look at the space for you that you give them an indication of any of the concepts and looks that you would like to achieve as this will determine the types of products that they suggest and supply you with.

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Creating the cottage feel space requires making use of every little bit of space you have in the kitchen area. This includes having items across your work surfaces, any hanging spaces that you have available to you. This may mean making a display from any vintage items that you may have collected including plates and cups and perhaps displaying them on a dresser style unit.

Another way of achieving this look is to have hanging rails for your saucepans and perhaps small pots of herbs and other plants growing. Having herbs stroon strategically across the kitchen instantly gives the feel of a rustic country kitchen.

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When moving onto your chosen colour scheme it is always best when aiming for this design to pick cool colours such as shades of cream, grey and perhaps pearlised tones. These colours combined with the strong colours of rustic saucepans and other kitchen items creates the perfect feel. If you want to have an element of bolder colours it is always worth including these on an accent wall rather than making your kitchen space appear smaller by using the stronger colour across the entire space. Many brands create paint that is specifically designed for use in kitchens and tends to be wipeable.

Whilst country kitchens tend to be slightly more cluttered than most modern day kitchens lighting is still incredibly important and the rays of sunlight are usually directed onto a beautiful wooden dining table that stands in the middle of the space. Perhaps highlighting a beautiful centrepiece of a flowers in a case or maybe a flower arrangement.

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