Dancing on the rooftops of London

As a child one of my favourite films growing up was Mary Poppins. The film has been remade and spin offs like Saving Mr Banks have been created. It is difficult to find just one part of the film that I enjoy the most as there are so many different elements and characters that I connected with both as a young child and also now as an adult. The ever-cheerful Mrs Banks who is on a mission to help with the votes for women campaign, the downtrodden Mr Banks who seems to have lost all joy for his career and his family life and their delightful children Jane and Michael. The children are desperate for some loving attention from their father and Mary Poppins arrives in their lives at a time when they need it the most – as is always they way with the magic Nanny.

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If I had to pick one part of the film that I really enjoy it would probably be when Bert, the chimney sweep, come street artist and close friend to Poppins is sucked up the chimney of the Banks family and is joined by Jane, Michael and Mary on the rooftop of the family town house. Bert calls upon his chimney sweep friends who also appear from the chimney tops and all of them join in a singing and dancing routine on the rooftops of the London houses. I wonder whether Roofers Gloucester like http://hempstedroofing.com/gloucester-roofers/ have ever fancied dancing on the rooftops? I’m sure they wouldn’t take too kindly to a group of chimney sweeps jumping around on a roof they had newly installed.

Back to the film scene. The men jump around the chimney pots with their sweeps in hand singing ‘Step in Time’ which is very similar to an old British music hall song like ‘Knees Up Mother Brown”. They all have an amazing time before deciding to jump back down the chimney of the Banks family to be greeted by two ladies who work in the household and they proceed to dance with them along with dance around the living room with Mrs Banks. It has an almost fairground feel to it. With everyone enjoying themselves and the stresses and strains of each of their daily lives is forgotten in that moment.

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Other scenes that I particularly enjoy including the moment Mary, Bert and the children jump into one of Bert’s street drawings and also the moment Uncle Albert has laughed so hard that he is floating on the ceiling. What is your favourite part of this very iconically British film?

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