Do these 4 extra things to prepare your home for autumn

Once you have checked the inside of your house and ensured that your heating system and insulation are ready for the colder months, it is time to concentrate on the outside of your home. Inspect both the building and the land surrounding the house to be sure that you are properly prepared before autumn comes.

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Check for cracks

Not only can cracks indicate a serious problem with your home’s construction, but they can also mean that the house will not be as snug and warm as it should be in the cooler weather. If you are not sure whether cracks are just due to routine settlement, check out this guide from DIY Doctor. Seal small cracks so that draughts cannot get through, and remember that cracks near windows can also allow unwanted pests such as mice to get into the house.

Check the roof

Inspect your roof carefully. If there are any loose slates or tiles, ensure that they are repaired before the cold weather comes. Gutters should be checked to make sure they are not blocked, but you will probably have to check them again when the trees have shed their leaves in the autumn. Any nests, leaves or twigs should be removed so the gutters drain freely.

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Reinforce windows and doors

Even though you might have already contacted a company such as for Forest of Dean Boiler Installation to ensure your heating system is up to scratch, it may also be necessary to check that doors and windows are strong and draught-proof. If your windows or doors are not fitting properly, you may need to carry out some essential maintenance or install draught-proofing strip around them before the weather deteriorates.

Prune your trees

Any trees with dead branches should be trimmed. Any decayed parts of the tree should also be removed so there is no danger of them falling either on the house or on people or vehicles nearby. They are more likely to fall in cold weather when they are made heavier by snow or ice, and in the high winds that can occur in autumn. If they are large, high or difficult to access, call a local landscaping service for assistance.

The time you take preparing your home for autumn could well pay off once the weather turns.

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