Don’t forget the little things

It’s a yearly tradition to hang a stocking but it’s also easy to forget to put anything in them. You may also have been tasked with buying a secret santa gift for a work colleague and need to find something a little more interesting than a box of soap or a bottle of plonk. There are some great low cost presents that are ideal for stockings or work gifts and these can all be found on a high street near you. For information on shopping in a town that is a Great British High Street Contest finalist 2016 – Market Harborough, visit

Treat someone to a fun jellybean dispenser. You might not be able to fit it into a stocking but it will look great on a colleague’s desk. Is there someone you know at work who is always tired? Why not get them a mini aid sleep kit containing aromatherapy oils, a pillow spray and other natural sleep aids. Work with a sci-fi fan? Then how about Star Wars Rogue One decals for a mobile phone or laptop to celebrate this year’s release of the next film in the Star Wars franchise.

Everybody knows someone who is forever on their phone, checking the latest updates on social media. Grab a milk chocolate iphone as a unique twist on the same old box of chocolates. Another fun addition to anybody’s workstation is a mini table tennis novelty gift, ideal for a giggle when the boss isn’t looking.

Chocolate coins are a cheap staple of the stocking and loved by children, big or small. Soft toy plush Pokemon characters are available online for under a fiver and as Pokemon Go has been a huge hit this year, your kids will love finding these in their stockings. You might even have a colleague who indulges in the Pokemon craze.

Give someone a laugh with a Ladybird For Grown Ups Very British Problems Book, available at John Lewis. For the know-it-all how about a Bletchley Park Sudoku Puzzle Book or How to Remember Almost Everything Ever Book.

A Buddha ornament and scented tea lights for someone who needs to relax or a Butlers Bell as a joke for your boss. Batman Rubber Ducks, adult colouring books, spud guns and jars of retro boiled sweets – the amount of low cost and interesting gifts just gets bigger every year as companies compete with each other for the most innovative and unusual secret santa gifts.

Don't forget the little things

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Star Wars bath foam, kids vs adults card game, nail varnish gift sets, character socks and scented gel pens are all good ideas for stocking fillers and all available on the high street if you’ve left things a bit late for online delivery times. You’ll be spoiled for choice and pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices with retailers understanding that stockings and secret santa gifts will usually have a strict budget of under a tenner.

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