Don’t get caught in the dark

Power cuts always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Half way through your favourite programme, in the middle of the night or part way through cooking dinner. If you’re anything like me then you are totally unprepared for the sudden plunge into the Middle Ages as you clamber about in the dark trying to find that torch that you once spotted in a dusty corner of the garage! Once unearthed, it is dead as a dodo and you don’t have the right batteries. The hunt for candles ensues as you worry about the very real possibility that you might set fire to something.

You never really appreciate the humble torch until you realise that you don’t have one. The best advice is to invest in a good one and have it easily accessible. There are many occasions when it will come in handy and not just for camping. Keeping a torch in your car is also advisable as you can guarantee that when you break down, it will be in the middle of winter and in the dark!

Don't get caught in the dark

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Of course, if you are a keen camper or outdoor person then having torches will be second nature. In fact, whether you are camping, trekking or taking the dog for a walk, a light source is a useful tool to have. Rechargeable torches are popular, doing away the need for always having to have the right batteries. A rechargeable torch will be powered by lithium-ion batteries that are recharged via the mains or a car charger. Ideal if you are out for shorter periods of time and if you have your car with you. LED’s are also a good option as the low energy bulbs are more efficient and have a longer life. They also produce a brighter, whiter light.

Camping torches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have different functions. A camping lantern is great for illuminating a larger area with a softer and warmer light than a torch, ideal for base. Hand-held torches are used for looking in a certain direction and these days can be powerful, small and super efficient. For outdoor use, a hand-held torch should be weatherproof with rubber seals. For a range of torches, visit

Hikers, climbers and anglers favour head torches as this leaves them hands free for getting on with it. This type of torch is great for pinpointing specific areas and will move anywhere you look as it’s attached to a wearable headband.

Don't get caught in the dark2

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This kind of torch is also great for cycling and means that you are visible in all weather and conditions on the road. They can have different settings with a flashing option for when in traffic. They are also a popular choice for runners and joggers who also need to remain visible to motorists.

As you can see the torch really can be a life saver so take a look at all the different sizes, powers and strengths and choose one that will really lighten your load.

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