Don’t get left Home alone like Kevin!

The first Home Alone film released in 1990 was the original in the series and featured eight-year-old Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin.  The youngest of five siblings and often teased Kevin wishes he had no family and after being unfairly punished by his Mum he goes to bed and wakes up to find himself all alone.  The rest of the Family after over sleeping go off on a holiday and accidentally leave Kevin behind! Burglars try to break into the house but Kevin is determined to prevent them and sets about bobby trapping the home.  Keep your home safe like Kevin by installing some Gloucester Double Glazing, use a trusted trader and Firmfix  your windows.  The family eventually return home and Kevin is hailed a hero.

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In Home Alone 2 (Lost in New York) released in 1992 Kevin returns to the big screen and unwittingly gets on a flight to New York City while the rest of his family board a plane to Florida. The then nine-year-old boy runs into the same thieves who had tried to break into his home the year before.  After conning his way into obtaining a room at the Plaza Hotel, Kevin again thwarts the thieves after they try and rob an elderly man’s toy store.

Home Alone 3 did not feature the character Kevin McCallister but a completely different child called Alex Pruitt.

Home Alone 4 (Taking back the House) released in 2002 returned to the original Kevin character but this time he was played by Mike Weinberg.

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