Don’t let your customers ‘peg’ it from your site

Gloucester can boast many famous faces from the past but not many that have made it to the bright lights of Hollywood. Simon Pegg grew up in the city and attended a local secondary school. He now has an incredibly successful acting career but what if his life had taken a different path? Using titles of movies that he has appeared in, here is what he might tell you if he were a website designer:

Mission Impossible

Don’t make it a mission impossible for your visitors to find your contact information. Make it easy and highly visible as you don’t want to lose potential sales because people have given up trying to find ways to contact you. When you do receive contact, make sure you follow up on it to create a great impression as nobody likes unanswered queries.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

A professional, business website should never have spelling mistakes or bad grammar. You’d be amazed at how many people turn away from a site with glaring errors. It’s all about quality and if you give the impression that you’ve rushed or not proofread properly then it reflects badly on how you feel about your business. If it doesn’t look professional, people will assume it isn’t!

Don’t let your customers ‘peg’ it from your site

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24 Hour Party People

While it’s ok to have a vibrant and eye-catching website, be aware that most visitors will not want an assault on their eyeballs! Colour is crucial and certain colours have connotations for people so it’s best to keep to a professional, stylish approach. Too many flashing images or light colours on dark backgrounds are hard to look at so try not to turn your site into a visual party.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Many people don’t feel confident about techy stuff and rather than risk your business reputation with a hastily scraped together, poor performing website, seek the advice of a professional. An investment here will reap benefits for long-term business success. For SEO Gloucester,

Don’t let your customers ‘peg’ it from your site2

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Absolutely Anything

Visitors to your site want to know what you have to offer to solve their problem. Don’t be tempted to fill your ‘About Us’ section with a life story as people won’t be interested (no offence). Keep your on-page information concise, informative and to the point – not absolutely anything to fill the space! An up to date blog is a great way for you to share new product information or industry articles of relevance. Just make sure it is relevant if it appears on your site.

Star Trek – Into Darkness

Don’t send your customers into darkness and make sure any links on your site are current, working and actually take visitors where they want to go. If the links no longer work then your site looks badly maintained and unprofessional. Even if they worked just fine initially, it pays to keep on top of your site maintenance or have a professional do it for you if you haven’t the time. Visit your own site regularly and check older pages in case you have a bad case of link rot!

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