Dublin hospitality: legendary for a reason

The word “legendary” is used rather liberally today, with all manner of people, places and events being arbitrarily assigned the label. It is usually applied with more tact than judgement. If there is one instance, though, in which it is used with complete accuracy, it’s when describing Irish hospitality in general and Dublin hospitality in particular. National and cultural designations are often cliched and grossly stereotypical, but the depiction of Ireland and its capital as being filled with congenial, engaging and helpful people is demonstrably true. In this short piece, we look at the famous Irish welcome.

Dublin hospitality

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The people

Visitors to Dublin are often struck by its contrasts. It is an energetic, cosmopolitan and thoroughly modern city with a bustling shopping area and a hectic business district, yet for its people, there is always time for conversation and interaction with others. This is true of establishments from the most formidable fine dining restaurant to the neighbourhood pub. It’s also true of families, who, as this recent Telegraph article indicated, are delighted to open their homes to guests.

The place

Dublin, of course, is the capital of one of the planet’s most beautiful islands. It is steeped in history, as reflected by its stunning architecture and sheer volume of cultural landmarks. A key benefit of the city is also its relative proximity to stunning countryside and a hauntingly beautiful coast. Perhaps living in such glorious environs is one of the reasons that its people are so convivial!

Organised hospitality

This combination of factors makes Dublin the ideal location for corporate/institutional events such as those organised by Davis events agency, one of several event companies in Dublin.

Whether you want to host a conference, launch a product or brand, or provide corporate hospitality, Dublin will welcome you. As a leading technological and business centre, you can be sure that Dublin has the resources to ensure that the logistics of your event are perfectly planned. Irish cuisine has undergone a renaissance in recent years, and you can depend on the catering combining remarkable local ingredients with the finest techniques to create memorable refreshments. Critically, you can be confident that Dublin’s famed hospitality runs through every aspect of your event so you and your guests enjoy an occasion that lives long in the memory.

Hospitality: it’s what Dublin does.

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