Encouraging your children to learn about hard work

It’s always good to start your children’s teenage years by teaching them about chores and the importance of cleaning.  Some people will monetise this or give rewards of stickers or prizes.

The rewards that you use will depend very much on the ages of your children and the chores that they undertake.

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You could start by sectioning off the house room by room this can make the chores easier and also you can allocate them based on the ages of your children. You could have them stick to one job at a time in one location then move to the next job or room so as to ensure that they finish one task before moving onto another.  You will need to take into consideration the chemicals in some of the cleaning products and this may mean buying alternative items that are more child friendly.

Folding clothes – You could have the children folding items of clothing and then putting them into piles of who they belong to. It is a wise idea to teach them how each item should be folded and whether it is to be hung on a hanger or put in drawers. Again this may differ depending on the ages of your children.

Sweeping – The children can definitely be taught to sweep the floors and to put the excess rubbish in the bin.  It is best to have a dustpan and brush and a small handled broom so it isn’t too big for them.  You could say for every successfully cleaned room you can have one pound each or a sticker for the chart. But you must quality check them before the reward.

Dusting – Teach them how to dust and that a cloth that is slightly damp is better as it will remove the dust not just move it into the air and attract it back straight away with the static.

Bedrooms – They should definitely be in charge of their own rooms and the tidiness of the bed, change the sheets, smell nice and tidy toys.

Garden – If you want them to become green fingered then they could always help with the lawn by giving them their own safe lawn mower, de weeder with thick gloves, hose pipe to water and wash the dirt away.  They could sweep the floor for you and before you know it the garden is done.

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Of course you may prefer to hire  a Domestic cleaning Cheltenham company such as https://www.baytreecleaning.com to clean your home at least once a week and leave some of the smaller tasks to your children whilst still ensuring that your home is sparkly clean and hygienic week after week.

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