Examining Some of Google’s More Interesting Features

For many years, Google has been the most popular search engine thanks to its rapid and accurate results. The fact that it is trusted by internet users across the world makes Google the most important search engine for any business to be listed on. In order to maximise your position in Google’s rankings, it is important to understand how users access information on the site so that search terms and websites can be optimised.

Examining Some of Google's More Interesting Features

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Auto-Complete Search Options

For quite some time, users have been offered a range of helpful suggestions when typing a search term into the search engine. Although sometimes these suggestions can be well off the mark, leading to some potentially very humorous results, generally speaking the autocomplete suggestions are helpful in reducing the time it takes for a search term to be entered, thus improving the experience for the user. This feature works by taking a wide range of factors into account, including the popularity of particular search terms, your geographical location and a secret list of 200 clues or signals that may shed light on what you are searching for before you have typed the full term in. Being ahead of the curve when it comes to considering auto-complete search terms will help your site begin to show up in these recommendations.

Boost for Mobile Compliance

A great way to ensure that your site receives a boost in the Google rankings is to ensure that it is optimised to work effectively when your users are browsing using a mobile device. According to recently released news from the search engine giant, ensuring that a site is easy to browse on a mobile device will see it move up the rankings, and help impress Google’s new Rank Brain all thinking artificial intelligent algorithm.

In another boost for sites with an eye for detail, sites featuring accurate information will also appear closer to the top of the search engine rankings. Google’s researchers have been working to produce a new algorithm which assesses the accuracy of information included on websites rather than just the prevalence of keywords. This will see sites without factual errors will appear at the top of the rankings, rewarding sites that work with care and attention.

Companies which have yet to establish themselves as an all-conquering presence on the internet may wish to try to ensure that the odds are in their favour regarding their placement on a search engine’s rankings. Using Pay Per Click services can help to position text-based adverts to the top of searches relevant to your business. The appearance of these links at the very top of the rankings can give your business a welcome boost when it comes to securing web traffic. In order to find out more about these services, you can contact companies such as https://www.xlcreative.design/ they are a skilled Dorset web design agency that know a few things about digital marketing too!

Regularly Updated Content

In order to ensure that your site is positioned as high up the rankings as possible, it is vital to keep producing new, engaging and relevant content. Stagnant pages with out-of-date and irrelevant information are punished and demoted down the rankings, making these sites harder to find for users.

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