Extra Planning for Outdoor Events

When you’re planning an outdoor event, there are some very different considerations you need to make. Here are some of the additional factors you must bear in mind when it comes to outdoor events, that you might not consider for a planning an indoor event.

Choosing the right venue

The most important thing is that the venue you choose has enough space for guests and the amenities required. They will probably need access to toilets, parking and outdoor tables. The venue should also not be located too close to excess noise, such as busy main roads or an airport, which could be distracting.


When choosing a venue, you’ll want to think about the logistics of getting crew and equipment there. How long will it take? Are there any access issues? You’ll also need electricity and to be confident that any technology you need will be supported.

Plan B

When it comes to outdoor events, it certainly pays to have a back-up plan. Particularly when it comes to the Great British weather. Always have an alternative planned, such as an outdoor tent or marquee in case of rain. A stash of umbrellas and a path free of muddy grass are also nice touches that will be appreciated by your guests.


Planning an event takes a lot of work so you’ll want to stay in touch will all crew members throughout. Reliable and regular contact during the event could be helped by employing the use of walkie-talkies for example. These can be more reliable than mobile phones where signal might become an issue.

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Local Regulations

Make sure you understand any local laws and regulations regarding noise or outdoor events. Also make sure you know the venue’s fire and safety procedure. Will you need any medical care on standby, depending on what type of event you’re staging? For Outdoor Medical Cover, visit https://www.outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/


Serving al fresco dining sounds idyllic but in reality, is quite tricky to get right. Food must be refrigerated and stored correctly, or your event will leave a bad taste in the mouth! Be smart with your menu and choose foods that don’t spoil quickly but are easy to eat outdoors. Serve food right at the last minute so it can stay fresh and at the correct temperature for longer.


This depends a lot on the weather, but think ahead, check forecasts and have a plan. Will you need to supply bottled water or hand fans? Perhaps you might need to supply lightweight blankets and umbrellas? Think about keeping bugs at bay using citronella.

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Adequate lighting is important, not just for atmosphere and mood but for your guests’ safety. You don’t want guests tripping over in the dark outside so think about lighting on walkways, in the car park and around the venue itself.

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