Fire safety Solutions

Man has been fighting fire ever since it was discovered, around 350,000 years ago. The first recorded water hand pump was invented in 200 BC in Alexandria, and technological improvements have been continually made throughout history. The first chemical fire extinguisher was invented in 1912 so is a relative newcomer.

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Fire and the Law

Fire safety and prevention laws mean that fire-risk assessment services are now a requirement for just about all UK businesses. They will help you to protect your premises and people by showing the risks and where they can be found. Many businesses are required by law to install and maintain an appropriate fire alarm system on their premises. These must meet EU guidelines and be approved by the local fire officer and your insurance company.
. This technology allows you to sign in on tablets, laptops or mobile devices and collects all the data for you so you could even run a fire drill from your smartphone.

At home

Only 12 percent of homes in England do not have a smoke alarm, and the overall number of fires in the UK as a whole is falling. The Fire Safety Advice Centre website has lots of information to help people stay safe.  One safety point to be aware of is your exit plan which could be compromised your doors are not looked after or the locks are faulty.  Maybe get a Dublin LocksmithLocksafe Via Ryco Marketing January20 Article 2 –   company to come in and have a look for you just so you have a safety net.

All new-build homes are constructed with smoke and fire alarms as standard in the 21st century, but problems can occur when older buildings are being refurbished, especially when the building is listed. It’s important to try to find solutions for these older buildings, as many are an important part of our heritage.

New Technology

Whether you need a basic system or a complex analogue addressable system, there are many solutions available.

Plumist Automist is an affordable domestic fire sprinkler. This innovative technology is focused on easy to retrofit fire-fighting solutions. It provides a good solution to comply with building regulations and also the RRFSO (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order). Intended as a more affordable alternative to sprinklers, it gives developers more options when it comes to designs for new-build homes or loft conversions. It brings active fire protection to homes where it was previously cumbersome or impractical. A high-pressure pump produces a fine mist, which will suppress a fire quickly and effectively. It does not adversely affect fixtures and fittings when it is discharged.

New innovations, the law and a range of tried and tested products such as fire doors, extinguishers, seals or even a bucket of sand mean that we are saving lives every day.

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