Fitting out costly Picard’s Office.

There are several issues about the world of Star Trek that I have. First off who is actually paying for all these Space ships being built? I mean they must have an incredible economy to support that can of construction. Star ships are enormous with crews of up to 1000 people on board including the crew’s families. It was a bit scaled down in the original series but with a crew of only about 350. Think about the pay scales for a moment. That 350 to 1000 employees on what a fleet of is thought to be 1000. That’s a lot of money going out. How does Starfleet raise the revenue for that? Not in taxes as its clear that there is no money in the Star Trek world. It’s not like they eased back on the interior of the star ships either. I’m sure that they could have used an Office fit out companies for Picard’s like the one at they would have found a reasonable price.

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It is an office that Picard has although he doesn’t like to call it that next to the bridge. He likes to call it his “ready room”. I’m not really sure why he refers to it as that when all he seems to do is wait in there drinking “Tea Earl Grey Hot!” And moaning at Wesley Crusher. Sometimes he listens to classical music to loud the drown out the Borg voices and then he might play the little pipe he has. He’s ready for a little beep and the computer to tell him to pop through the doors into the bridge and save the Enterprise from some kind of impending doom. The crew should also be aware that something is really going down when he declares “Senior members to my ready room!” and off trots Riker, Worf, Data and Deanna Troi to have a chat about the impending doom and what they all intend to do about it. If it’s really serious he gets Beverly and Gordi to come up from medical and engineering. To join in to. A direct strike from a Romulan warbird at that spot and the Enterprise loses its main cast in one fell swoop.

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That brings me back to another point and its insurance. Kirk blows up the original Enterprise B and Riker has no choice but to crash land the saucer part of the Enterprise C, the other bit being wiped out of existence by a critical warp drive overload, and there are numerous ships thrashed by the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359 and also in the First Contact film. Who pays for that? The premiums must be horrendous if that actually wanted to take the risk in the first place.

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