Five Advantages of Toroidal Transformers Versus Laminated Ones

Lamination has long been the choice for transformer cores, and as a result laminated transformers have long dominated the transformer market. But with their better output, smaller sizes and less leakage flux, more and more people are discovering why toroidal versions are the smarter choice after all.

Five Advantages of Toroidal Transformers Versus Laminated Ones

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What Is a Toroidal Transformer?

A toroidal version of a transformer is formed of a strip of grain oriented silicon steel which is wrapped tightly into a ‘doughnut’ shape. These transformers come in a wide choice of sizes and mounting configurations, including custom-made options.

Smaller Size

Toroidal versions of transformers are about half the size and half the width of laminated transformers that offer the same output. Being smaller and lighter will obviously provide a huge number of advantages, both logistically and when in use in a system. In a world where technology is getting ever smaller, toroidal options offer a better solution for the same output.

Low Leakage

As opposed to laminated transformers, toroidal options offer a much lower leakage flux thanks to their double-wound silicon. This is undoubtedly one of the key advantages of these transformers. All toroidal transformers by Siga offer a lower leakage than standard transformers.


A toroidal version of a transformer has a noticeably quieter ‘hum‘ than its laminated cousin. In fact, it’s so much quieter that in many cases it is completely silent. This makes it the transformer of choice when used in systems placed in certain locations such as offices or hospitals.

Ease of Mounting

The toroidal versions of transformers are much easier to mount than traditional laminated ones. This of course makes them much more popular in all manner of applications.

Competitively Priced

Despite all of these advantages of being smaller, offering lower leakage, easier mounting and being quieter, these transformers are no more expensive than laminated transformers. This means you are effectively getting a much better product for the same cost, which is in itself a huge advantage for them as the transformer of choice.

As you can see, the toroidal options offer a huge number of advantages. Laminated transformers still have their place and won’t be disappearing from the market any time soon, but if you’re looking for a smaller, lighter and quieter transformer with better output, then toroidal should be your next choice.

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