Five Ways to Achieve a Flawless Complexion

Everyone suffers from bad skin days. It can be caused by hormones, the weather, sleepless nights or overindulging, amongst other things. But fear not, there are ways to make you skin seem flawless even if you know it’s not. Let’s take a look at what products you can use to make your complexion seem perfect.

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Before starting your beauty regime, you should make sure you use a good moisturiser to protect your skin and eliminate any dry patches. Then dab your concealer on to your main problem areas such dark circles and blemishes and gently pat it into your skin.


In order to ensure that your problem areas match the rest of your face, you need a good foundation that matches your skin tone. Go for an oil-free foundation to create a more natural look whilst making sure your imperfections are perfectly hidden. It beats trying out some of the weird and wacky health and make-up tips that some celebrities seem to live by.

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Some people use their fingers, while others use a brush, but the best way to blend in your foundation is with a sponge. Apply a little foundation to the back of your hand, then pat your sponge on to it before applying to your face in small dabs. If you do prefer to use a brush, why not invest in a cleaner, such as the Stylpro cleaner from, to keep your brushes as clean as possible?


To help your make-up last as long as possible, use a setting powder to keep it in place. It can help if you have naturally oily skin and will also prevent it from wiping off if you accidentally touch your face during the day.


The final touch for flawless skin is bronzer. By using concealer, foundation and powder, you will have given yourself a spotless base which looks great in itself. However, to add a little more depth to your make-up, you will need to add some glow. Don’t add this everywhere: instead, brush a little bronzer powder just below your cheekbones in a sweeping motion up to the side of your forehead. Don’t forget to blend it to keep your flawless look as natural as possible.

Don’t let imperfections get you down when you can easily fake a flawless complexion.

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