Five window dressings to deter nosy neighbours

When so many of us live cheek by jowl with our neighbours in crowded cities and suburbs, maintaining privacy assumes increasing importance. While the physical location of houses, pavements and roads is unalterable, it is possible to deter nosy neighbours or passers-by.

Five window dressings to deter nosy neighbours

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One of the simplest methods is to select the right window dressing. When properly chosen, a blind or set of curtains provides an effective barrier to curious eyes.

Net curtains

Forget the tired, grey nets of yesteryear and even the frou-frou examples popularised on television shows like “Keeping Up Appearances”. Today’s net curtains are modern and very cool indeed. A wander around any large department store will give you an indication of how much fashions in net curtains have moved on.

Frosted window film

Increasingly popular, especially for downstairs windows and bathrooms, frosted film is easy to fit and gives total privacy when left entirely plain. The chief drawback is that although people outside cannot look in, people inside cannot look out, either. Some people are finding a compromise by using patterned film. The pattern incorporates gaps in the film, which allow people inside to look out but also enables people outside to look in. With an increasing range of patterned films available, whether you fancy looking out at the street through a field of wheat, a copse of trees or geometric shapes, there will be one to suit.

Five window dressings to deter nosy neighbours2

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Roller blinds

A perennial favourite, particularly in the hardest-working rooms in the home, there is no shortage of choice. In the kitchen and bathroom roller blinds can be practical, hard-wearing and surprisingly attractive. A good supplier, such as, will have plenty of choice. They will also be able to advise on safety issues relating to cords and chains. For further information, ROSPA is a useful resource.

Plantation shutters

These colonial favourites have found new popularity in modern Britain. Fitted to the window, they obscure more light than venetian blinds. They are one of the more expensive options but can work well in the right room and even enhance a property’s value.

Venetian blinds

Although overtaken in the popularity stakes by plantation shutters, venetian blinds are a more wallet-friendly alternative and provide good levels of daytime privacy provided the slats are angled correctly. Nighttime privacy is total as long as the slats are closed.

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