Flooring Colour Palettes That Create Mood in Your Home

Your choice of flooring should be the foundation of your interior design, but the vast array of flooring choices on offer can make decisions hard. In order to negotiate the flooring minefield, however, it can pay to start by making some basic choices, such as the colour or tones you want underfoot. This can reveal a surprising amount of information about you and ensure that your home is built on foundations that truly reflect your personality and what you like.

Flooring Colour Palettes That Create Mood in Your Home

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Yellow and Beige

Add sunshine to any room with the use of yellow and beige colours. This can be achieved with the use of light oak laminate flooring, beech or maple. The result should be a floor which reflects your fun, sunny and optimistic nature.

Red and Orange

Add warmth to a room and create a harmonious and intimate environment with the use of red and orange tones. Cherry hues can work very well when teamed with solid colonial furniture. It is also important to choose the right lighting scheme to make the most of your choices, as explained on the BBC Homes website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/design/lighting_index.shtml.


Companies such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/ have plenty of choice when it comes to brown toned flooring, making it easy to connect with nature and reflect your need for comfort and security. In terms of design, brown-tinted options such as oak laminate flooring offer an excellent environment for adding splashes of bright, strong colours and rustic furniture.Light Beige and White

Light shades offer a timeless quality that can form the basis of a stunning contemporary or traditional design. Norwegian pine and light maple are the ideal choices to add light and space to a room and to show off your love of clean and pure design.


You may fear that the use of grey will make it feel like you are in a battleship, but the right tones can add a neutral elegance to create a peaceful and restful environment. The use of grey laminate flooring, for example, can also instantly add a contemporary look to your classic furniture or upholstery.


Far from being a dour choice, black can inject a feeling of luxury and style in a room, especially when combined with bright colours on walls and eye-catching decorative features.

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