Four ways to fix a scratched floor

Hardwood floors are a timeless, elegant and beautiful option, but they can get scratched if you are not careful. All is not lost however, and one of these four ways to fix a scratched floor should be able to help you should this happen.

Four ways to fix a scratched floor

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Shallow scratch

A shallow scratch can actually be remedied very easily indeed. The scratch will reveal lighter wood, so you simply need to restain it to match the rest. Don’t worry, you needn’t go out and buy a tin, simply use a wood stain marker, dab it onto a piece of rag and dot it onto the scratch. Be sure you have wiped and dried the floor first.

Using a protective varnish

Some shallow or superficial scratches over a larger area will require more than a marker. After thoroughly cleaning and allowing the floor to dry, apply a wood varnish that matches the existing one, using a paintbrush. Ideally, this should also act as a protective sealant such as polyurethane varnish.

Four ways to fix a scratched floor2

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Sanding and wood wax

Sometimes a scratch is deeper, or deeper in places, so you need to actually sand the whole area to make it more even. Use wire wool to even out the surface and then wood wax to fill it. As usual, ensure the area is clean and dry first and apply wood wax using a clean rag. Afterwards, buff the wax until it looks smooth and even.

Wood filler for deep scratches/gouges

These may look more serious but are just as easy to fill. You need to remove any exposed sealant using mineral spirits, otherwise the filler won’t stick properly. Use your fingers to apply the wood filler, using enough pressure to remove air bubbles and get the shape as level as possible. Be sure to use wood filler as opposed to wood putty. Use a putty knife to even it out and then leave to dry, sand, sweep and finally reseal the area.

Although these four tips will help fix scratches, you can also avoid scratches by having a shoe free house and keeping pet claws trimmed. The other option is laminate flooring like that at, which is more resistant to scratching.

As you can see, however, scratches, however deep, can be remedied by you without the help of a professional.

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