Four ways to showcase your windows

Windows often provide a focal point for a room given that they are normally large and prominent. They provide a huge amount of light and add to the room’s ambience, improving both the room’s look and feel. But because they command so much focus they can often be a difficult and unique design challenge. Let’s take a look at some design ideas that will highlight your window to the max.

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Window dressing

Curtains are a great way to enhance your windows by drawing attention to them. Think about using bright colours or patterns if you want to create a central focus. Consider using neutral if you’re after a window area that blends with the rest of the room. Curtains should be hung high up close to the ceiling and should almost brush the ground if the windows are at ground to ceiling level. For normal sized windows, arrange the curtains so that they overhang the wall edge of the window to give the appearance that the windows are actually bigger than they are.

Window seats

Many bay windows provide enough space for a seat to be added because they project outwards from an exterior wall. This can create a cosy space where you can read, or simply look out of the window. Added cushions and pillows can improve the effect. A window featured in a kitchen can be used to produce a small breakfast nook. With the addition of a table and a few chairs you have the perfect space to enjoy a morning coffee. The possibilities are endless.

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Choose the right colour

If you want your windows to stick out, why not choose a colour that is going to grab people’s attention? It might be easier to go with an obvious colour such as White Aluminium Windows from sites like .  Not only are they modern and stylish but thermally efficient.  If you opt for something more out of the ordinary such as a cherry red or a royal blue you’ll create a focal point that everyone will be talking about.

Furniture placement

We’ve established that the window is the focal point of the room. With this in mind it’s a great idea to position your furniture so that it faces the window. In this way your eyes will be immediately drawn to the window as the defining feature of the room.


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