Gardens are unruly

Summertime will approach fast once winter has gone and along with that comes a sunny evening spent in the garden sitting around perhaps a barbeque or a fire pit sipping on something cold and refreshing enjoying the warm sunlit in the early evening.

This is of course all dependent on whether or not you can actually get in your garden. For some people, gardening does not come naturally and the grass and weeds can start to appear to have a mind of their own. Seemingly growing by the minute until they completely engulf the whole garden.  This can attract unwanted friends into your garden and house if left to long.  To get this problem resolved quickly you can contact a Pest Control Essex firm to come and spray different chemicals down to discourage them.

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Now of course if gardening isn’t your thing then you can certainly enlist the help of family and friends or even pay a professional to come and sort this out for you.

If you decide to tackle things yourself you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools for the job, including your standard forks, spades, sheers and lawn mower. There are other nice to have items such as a strimmer and secateurs but these are not always necessary.

If you are dealing with a garden clear out then it is also important to make sure that you have some sturdy black bags that you can use to collect all of your garden waste in before you dispose of it down the tip.

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Another thing to be aware of is the need for gloves. Especially if you are unsure of what may be growing in your garden. There are some non native species that seem to be thriving in the United Kingdom at the moment and one in particular can cause some nasty skin reactions. Japanese Knotweed is one such example and if you come across this plant in your garden you are best placed to asking Japanese Knotweed specialists to come and devise and implement an action plan for you. It is one species where simply digging it up will not help.

Bind weed can also be an issue in some people’s gardens and it seems to be a never-ending battle. One thing I have learnt from spending a lot of time battling this particular nuisance is that patience is definitely the key. Simply going along pulling out the bits you can see doesn’t help as the core of the problem still remains and annoyingly it will rear its head again at some other point in your garden . For me it appeared very unhelpfully in the middle of my roses. Cue a very tense moment trying to manoeuvre my way around some very well established and very thorny roses.

If you can tame your garden you will definitely feel the benefits when you sit down for that well earnt glass of wine and look out across at your accomplishments.


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