Getting title tag lengths right in 2016

This year Google is set to increase the length of search result titles. With more room for more words per search, this could mean even more space to encourage users to click through to your site. Let’s take a look at the options.

Getting title tag lengths right in 2016

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The changes

While the increase in space cannot be easily calculated in terms of number of words, we do know, according to that the available space is expanding from 512 pixels, to 600, which means it is increasing by 17%.

How to make the most of them

Getting your tags right has always been important for every business. Now that you have a little more room to play with, you can focus on getting the right keywords into your tags. Google will automatically end on full words, which is good news as it means every letter will be used to convey useful information to the user. Google will also attach the site name to the end of every tag. While this may duplicate information and take up room that could otherwise be used for more keywords, in practice the repetition of brand or site name can only be a positive thing.

Staying up to date

Any business owner knows that it is crucial to stay up to date with changes in technology, marketing and fashion. While it is possible to update your website and online presence in-house, it’s important to have a regular check-in with a professional who specialises in helping you get the best out of your site.

Getting support

Businesses looking for help with web design in Manchester and beyond can turn to specialists such as Bamboosolutions Manchester web design agency and learn how things such as Google’s title tag changes can affect their business, and be used to their advantage.

Google, by its very nature, is an ever-changing beast. Google’s rules and regulations adapt constantly to new data and analysis of user behaviour. By learning to roll with the changes and embrace them, even the smallest businesses will see how Google can help them as a marketing tool. With the support of a team of specialists behind you, there’s no knowing where you might end up! Keep abreast of the most recent changes at

Just one question remains: how will you use your extra space?

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