Guide for Choosing Furniture

How to choose furniture? How to choose high quality furniture with nice look is always the thing customer want to know. Details matter a lot. Customer should pay attention to the details of furniture when shopping.

Whether the material of furniture is used properly

The requirement of material for different furniture is different. For example, the leg of desk, chair and cabinet should use hardwood. Leg of furniture is load bearing part. The material should be sturdy. The thickness of large wardrobe is 2.5 cm. Thickness less than 2.5 cm will be easy to deform. The cabinet in kitchen and bathroom should be plywood, not fiberboard. This is because fiberboard is not water proof. It will be erode by humidity. Dining table should be washable. Wormhole and wood powder says that drying treatment does not process properly. Pungent smell says the formaldehyde content in adhesive is too high.

Whether the structure of furniture is sturdy

Drag small furniture like chair, desk on the ground to listen its sound. Clear and melodious sound proves that the furniture is of high quality. Low and deep sound and crackle prove that the mortise connection of furniture is not firm. The leg of table and chair should have four triangular clips for fixed action. Customer should check when shopping.

Whether the seam of veneered furniture is tight

No matter it is wood veneer, PVC or finish foil, it should be pasted flat, have tight seam, no bump, bulging phenomenon. It is better to check the seam under sufficient light. Ash veneering furniture is easy to be damaged. Its service life is two years. Chamfering veneer is better than rotary veneer. The identify way is to see the pattern of veneer. Chamfering veneer has straight and thick wood grain. Rotary veneer has bend and sparse wood grain. The landing part of chipboard veneering furniture must have banding treatment, or it will be eroded by humidity. Warping is the common problem for corner and edge of veneering furniture. The quality of glue has direct relation to it. Therefore, remember to check the quality of glue.

Whether the banding of furniture is flat

Uneven banding proves that the wood is humid. The banding will not last long. Banding should be circular. Wood banding is easy to crack and affected by moisture. Check whether the nail hole is flat; the color of nail hole is consistent with other parts for plywood banding. The nail hole is sealed by putty. Check whether the putty has bulging phenomenon. The putty will peel off if it bulges in the future.

Guide for Choosing Furniture

Whether the mirror on furniture is qualified

When choose mirrored furniture like dresser, dressing mirror, wardrobe, check whether the image in the mirror is normal; whether there is liner and backboard on the back of mirror.

Whether the painted part is smooth

The painted part of furniture should be smooth, flat, crease proof. The inner side of furniture door should also be painted. Or the board will be easy to bend. Check the door and lock of furniture is flexible or not.

Sit on sofa and mattress to test its quality

The surface of sofa and mattress should be flat and smooth. Moderate hardness suit customer’s weight and body shape. Noise of spring is caused by unreasonable arrangement. Besides, broken line, bridle wire on seam and the density of stitch are the thing customer should check when choosing sofa and mattress.

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