How A1 smartbands can help to provide better safety for older people

Looking after our loved ones, particularly when they get older, is all part and parcel of family life. While it can be incredibly rewarding, there are also lots of challenges when it comes to keeping elderly loved ones safe. Here is a look at how one new technology is leading the way in senior citizen safety.

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Wristband healthcare

You wouldn’t necessarily think that wristbands would protect the older members of our families. However, research shows that smartbands that incorporate AI technology can provide remote monitoring for those living independently or in assisted schemes. Live in care for dementia carers will find these particularly useful.

Tech smart

What exactly is AI technology, and how does it work? In a nutshell, it is more humanised technology. In the case of wristbands, individual healthcare data is collected by the wristbands analytics and interpreted by computer algorithms to assess patient risk, automatically detect unusual patterns such as falls, and inform preventative care.

Keeping it simple

One of the key elements to the success of these smartbands is to keep them simple so elderly people or their carers – check out – can use them. Branded smart watches are often used as their technology pairs seamlessly with that of AI.

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A smoother path

A clear benefit of the introduction of such wristbands is the fact that, with the knowledge they capture, they can help provide vital pre-information for caregivers and help ensure that those elderly people susceptible to falls and other health-related issues have a better quality of life.

What does the future hold for AI wristbands?

There is much talk about the future of smartbands. It is possible that the technology could well serve hospital outpatients, benefitting the patients and the hospital in question. Again, early intervention may be able to prevent hospitalisation and all the associated costs and trauma that come with it. Companies providing such analytics will no doubt uncover a captive market for such technology with the potential to build commercial organisations, strengthen sales and develop data science, in addition to working in partnership with healthcare insurance providers.


Caring for our loved ones in their twilight years is part of the circle of life, and smartband technology is something we will all undoubtedly embrace.

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