How can you deal with noisy neighbours?

Noisy neighbours can be a problem, and a recent survey by Which? revealed that 25 percent of people experienced a problem with their neighbours over the past year. Here is a quick guide to dealing with neighbours who are a nuisance.

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Keep a diary

Record the details of any incidents or excessive noise. Detail the nature of the nuisance and how long it lasted. This will be helpful to keep track of what is going on and will be useful evidence if you need to make a formal complaint about the neighbour and help other people to understand how you are being affected by the issue.

Communicate with your neighbour

Although it can be difficult to talk directly to your neighbour, simply asking them to stop the nuisance can sometimes be a good way to sort out the problem. People often do not realise that their behaviour is upsetting you, particularly in the case of noisy neighbours. Although raising the issue can be awkward, continuing to put up with the nuisance is often worse.

If you find your neighbour intimidating and you are nervous about talking to them – for example, in the case of anti-social behaviour –contact the local police or the anti-social behaviour team at your local authority.

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Rented and leasehold property

If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself and your property is rented or leasehold, the first step should be to contact the landlord or housing association and explain the problem to them. There may be a complaints procedure to follow. If you feel the issue is not being dealt with effectively, it can be escalated to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Neighbourhood disputes

A dispute with noisy neighbours can affect house sales. The buyer’s solicitor will send you a Seller’s Property Information Form to be completed, and neighbourhood disputes need to be declared. According to Problem Neighbours, although the term “dispute” can be interpreted in various ways, if you have had to write to a neighbour or have made a formal complaint, this will have to be declared. The expertise of conveyancing solicitors London and throughout the UK is valuable, so it is always worth taking advice from a company such as

Civil mediation may be the answer if you seek compensation for property damage from a neighbour.

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