How is a Magnetic Stirrer Used in the Laboratory

Magnetic stirrers are essential equipment you should get for your laboratory equipment. It is used for bending two sample components in biological or chemical experiments. This device can be used for liquids or solids to get a consistent mixture. The magnetic stirrer has a magnetic field that rotates in fluid samples moving the stir bar. The device rotates fast, leading to the liquid samples mixing thoroughly. In some instances, the magnetic stirrers may be used along with a magnet stirring hot plate. You can also alter the speed of the fluid sample you are using. 

How Does a Magnetic Stirrer Function

When using a magnetic stirrer, you need to put a stir bar magnet inside a container and place another magnet under the container, which should be attached to a motor. This ensures that the lower magnet will be attracted to the star bar magnet.

You may blend different liquid samples using a hot plate stirrer for different applications. You may also arrange the magnetic stirrer with hot plates if you need to warm the fluid sample while stirring the components. The hot plates in a magnetic stirrer ensure the heating of the samples is even. This device is ideal for smaller samples. Ensure that you seal the container during the mixing process to prevent spillage.

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