How to choose a driving instructor

Learning to drive can often prove to be an expensive and time-consuming task. That’s why choosing the right instructor is so important so you’re not wasting valuable time and money and you’re getting the best experience with the right instructor for you. Here are some tips for looking for that instructor:


Perhaps someone you know has recently passed their driving test or currently taking lessons and recommend their instructor. Asking family and friends is often the first thing that people do. This doesn’t always mean that the recommended instructor will be the right fit for you, but it’s a sensible place to begin your search.

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How often do you want to have driving lessons? There are several options. Instructors often offer lessons weekly, twice weekly or on an intensive basis. The best option for you depends on personal preference, how much time you have available, what you can afford and how quickly you want to pass your test. Many instructors offer a discount for block-booking lessons upfront or double sessions, so be sure to ask as this could save you money in the long term. For a Driving instructor Market Harborough, visit   


Driving instructors don’t all charge the same amount, so be sure to find out what their hourly rate is. On average, it will be around £24 but some could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on their success rate and popularity. It’s important to look more at their pass rate than their hourly cost. Buying cheap lessons might be tempting but if the pass rate is low, you could be spending more in the long run.

What’s right for you

You hold the power when choosing an instructor. It’s not like school, when you had no choice over who taught you. You can now find a teacher who suits your learning style. Do you want relaxed and informal or do you thrive under a bit of pressure with a more authoritative instructor? Consider which method will suit your needs better. Remember that a paid instructor must be an ADI (approved driving instructor).

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You can change

If things aren’t working out or you’re not having your learning needs met, remember that you can always change to a different instructor. It matters not whether you’ve had only one lesson, or thirty, you are the paying customer and if you’re not getting value for money, it might be time to change.

Learning to drive and passing the test is a life changing time and a lifelong skill, so it pays to get it right and make it an enjoyable experience. It is one of life’s major milestones so make sure you find an instructor who gets the very best out of you and provides excellent value for money.

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