How to choose a solicitor

There are many reasons why someone might want a solicitor to represent them. Perhaps you’ve been involved in an accident, suffered negligence or experienced an unfair dismissal from work. Whatever the matter, making a will or arranging a divorce, finding the right solicitor is vital for successfully resolving your issue. There are thousands of solicitors across the country and to research them all would be impossible. So, here are some handy tips to help you narrow that search:

  1. Verbal recommendations are good but not everything

Hearing recommendations from people you trust is useful and many solicitors gain new business from word of mouth recommendation. However, it’s more important to find a firm that is an expert in the type of law you need help with. Just because a firm did a good job selling a house doesn’t mean they’ll be the best choice for a personal injury claim.

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  1. Bigger is not always better

Lots of solicitors and a huge advertising budget doesn’t make that firm right for you. Often clients feel they are not receiving the personal care they are seeking, being just one more in a sea of clients for a larger law firm. Smaller, local firms are more able to offer a personal service, providing their clients will the kind of attention they are entitled to. For a Solicitor Gloucester, visit a site like

  1. Communicators

Communication from a solicitor is essential. This is one of the biggest grievances that clients have about their solicitors. When it comes to legal matters, nobody likes to feel left in the dark. It’ important, therefore, to go with a firm who does return your calls and answers the phone in a timely fashion when you call their office.

  1. A real solicitor

Some people have a bad experience with large law firms who move their case to be dealt with by paralegals who are inexperienced and largely unsupervised. Most people want their matters to be dealt with by a qualified, experienced and professional solicitor. We can all appreciate that everyone needs to learn, but a good firm will be one in which all trainee solicitors are fully supervised by a senior member of the team.

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  1. Online reviews

Customer reviews can be really helpful, especially clients who have approached a solicitor with a similar matter to the one you’re seeking advice with. These online reviews can often be more helpful than family and friend recommendations. It’s a good idea to see what former clients are saying about their experience.

  1. Go with your gut

Listen to your instincts. If you’ve met with a few firms, was there one that immediately felt right for you? It won’t necessarily be the closest, cheapest or biggest law firm in the country but if you hit it off, then a good working relationship is vital.

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