How to Clean a Dog-Friendly Workplace

Many workplaces are increasingly becoming dog-friendly.

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Where once it was highly unusual to find a pampered pooch by the printer, these days many employers are embracing the emotional and physical benefits of bringing our four-legged friends into the workplace in an attempt to improve office morale.

Indeed, an article in The Undercover Recruiter states that having dogs in the office can reduce stress, bring a team together and encourage physical activity in the form of a lunch-time dog walk. And of course it means that dogs don’t have to be left alone throughout the day while their owners are at work.

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But despite the numerous benefits of a dog-friendly workplace, there are some logistical challenges too: one of the key ones being keeping the office clean. From muddy paws to moulting fur, it can be tough to keep an office looking clean and professional when more than one pooch has been visiting. So what is the best way to keep a dog-friendly workplace looking tip-top?

Use a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in a good vacuum cleaner for the office will be a godsend. Don’t let dirt and fur become ingrained: instead plan a rota for staff to vacuum up after their animals on a daily basis. Powerful suction and good filter systems are essential.

Bring in the Professionals

Every now and then it could be beneficial to bring in commercial cleaners to give the office a thorough deep clean with high-end tools and products. Using commercial carpet cleaners Cheltenham, such as, will bring your office back to a level of cleanliness that’s not always achievable with just a vacuum cleaner.

Wash Accessories

Dogs usually come with a whole host of accessories. Bedding, blankets and even fabric toys should all be cleaned regularly, as they can become a breeding ground for the type of bacteria that cause bad smells.

Fresh Air

Talking of bad smells, it is important to let some natural light and air into the building. For anyone visiting the workplace, a lingering dog smell will be an immediate turn-off and scream ‘unprofessional’. The best way to reduce this is to open windows and increase ventilation, but if this isn’t always possible – in the winter months, for example – plug-in air fresheners and diffusers can be a great alternative.

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